landing-pan-coperchioCloseup02We care about women’s beauty, and more so about their general well-being and about their inner desire to feel their best throughout the day.

We have spent years developing innovative, highly effective and highly technological products that meet women’s needs in every phase of their life.

Our 100% Made in Italy know-how and research are our strength, and enable us to create unique products that are bound to become a new “modern classic” in contemporary cosmetics.

Timeless Beauty, this is MV Cosmetiques

Developed out of our strong commitment and accurate research into the chemical-cosmetic world, MV Cosmetiques is the new brand of high-end cosmetics designed for a dynamic woman, a mum though also a worker, who takes care of her body whilst also paying attention to the value of the environment in which she lives. Thanks to exclusive ingredients, innovative formulations, strict tests and accurate controls throughout all stages, MV Cosmetiques has created extremely comfortable products that are suited to the needs of contemporary life and that give immediate shine to your skin and effectively contrast skin ageing factors.

The objective of MV Cosmetiques is to pursue cosmetic research so that nothing can damage femininity. We are committed to research so that we can be seen, both now and in the future, as the essential point of reference for the daily protection of natural beauty.


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