Blog: How to choose the sunscreen?

Le migliori creme solari idratanti per l'estateFinally summer has come together with the spreading ideas of beautiful holidays and tanning.
But how can we choose the right sunscreens and protective factor between thousands?In this post I will try to give you some useful informations to choose the most suitable product for all of you.Sunscreen are really helpful to make the sun a real ally for our health and skin, but first we have to know how to select and use itThe first tip is that it does not exixt a cream that entirely protect  us  from ultraviolet radiation, it is therefore essential staying in the shade during the hottest hours, and when possible using hat and glasses.The second tip is to apply the product several times during the day so to help the hydration of the epidermis, without forgetting that the UV rays are present even under the umbrella and when the sky is cloudy.

The third tip is to choose sunscreen carefully, reading the labels and the new value graduation that indicate sunscreens parameters and standards:

SUN PROTECTION FACTOR or SPF -Is the protection level from UVB rays (responsible for burns and scalds). The maximum degree produced is SPF 50, and the categories are divided into different standards: low protection (SPF 6-10), medium (SPF 15-25), high (SPF 30-50).

UVA-UVB PROTECTION – Defines the protection from this kind of radiation that, without carrying sense of burn, allow high resistance to sunlight. But we must be very careful and do not undervalue this factor, as these rays penetrate deep into the epidermis, causing the aging skin. The sunscreen must be chosen with an high spectrum protection : anti-UVA values equal to 1/3 of those UVB: for example a cream with SPF 30, must have an anti-UVA least 10.

PHOTOTYPE – It ‘s also important to know that every skin is different and require a specific protective factor. It’s important to do a check-up to determine the properties of skin and which products are to be used.

CHILDREN – Do not expose babies under 3 years  to direct sunlight, best avoid the hottest hours and remember always to protect them with a cream SPF over 40, possibly choose water-resistant and anti-allergic ones

At last I give you a glamourous advice for summertime: if you don’t want to give up the perfume, that could cause skin spots, try with a few drops of scented oil, very suitable in the warm season, without alcohol and resistant to evaporation.

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