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Hello Everybody, I am creating  my new first blog.

Maybe it’s for the hot spring or just renewal desire , but I think that starting a new blog  it’s  a real new fascinating challenge.  I ‘ve been a professional  cosmetologist for years,  so I would like to share with you my experience and give you few advice, to make you reach a complete  awareness of your skin needs.

As you know, I started a specific  product line – MVCosmetiques – and I created an observatory to monitor and to optimize my research.

I want to give you  some little tips, results of my study and practical experience without being too much scientific or tutorial. The main topic of my statements will therefore be about the care and protection of the skin, especially the face one. You are  wrong if you  think that this topic it is too  sectorial, because our face is the first way we introduce ourselves  to the others; It embeds our expression, it shows  our emotions and our way of life.

I first decided to focus  on the world of beauty oils.

Vasetto cactusSince ancientness vegetable oils were used as nourishment, both in pure form and in cosmetic products, for  the protection of  the skin. They are in fact rich in fat acids and omega 3,6,9, which help the skin to be structured toned up. Different oils can be used for many parts of our body : Almond , wheat and coconut oil  are  mainly used for the skin,  jojoba oil is perfect for  the hair,  the grape seed and rice  oils  are used as makeup eye removers.  Recently Argan oil become very popular; It is used either pure or in cosmetic  preparations, as anti-aging  powerful ally.

The latest innovation in cosmetic field  regards  cactus oil: rare and precious ointment, it is obtained by cold pressure of prickly pear cactus seeds.  Thanks to the exceptional content of essential fatty acids (69% Omega 6),it has real regenerating, restructuring, firming effects and reduce the aging process of the skin, and the  wrinkle process. Thanks to vitamin E it is also an antioxidant which protects ourselves from free radicals.

I really suggest you these mixtures, that I personally tested.

You would be surprised by real benefits.

For any question or further curiosity, you can also find me on Facebook and LinkedIN. I can give you specific advice for your skin!The beauty secrets of the natural oils


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