Blog: Protect your skin from technological ageing

creme0061Why did I created and produced a cream anti-technological ageing?

 The answer is simple: because today everyone is always in contact with devices that emit electromagnetic waves, so it’s important to protect our beauty with a specific product.

Most part of the objects that we use infact generates electromagnetic radiation: smartphone, computers, televisions, radios, etc. .. These waves are the cause of electrosmog and determine the temperature rise of the biological tissues as skin, that is rich of water.

The face skin is crossed in a continuous way from this type of radiations causing the warming and the decrease of proteins bound to collagen; this process reduces skin elasticity and advances the appearance of wrinkles .

How can we protect the skin?

Using specific products such as TECHNOAGE® line : we can use the synergistic activity of two natural ingredients, that makes a strong anti oxidant effect, maintaining the integrity and cell viability, and also checks the intradermally temperature.

Don’t choose a simple cream for you skin, but try to identify the main causes of your aging and try to prevent them!

Today the technology is everywhere and this specific cream will be a panacea to keep out healthy.


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