Blog : Skin Analysis: the measure of health!

viso-300x234I would like to dedicate this new post to a topic that I consider important fot our well-being: the skin analysis.
Often we do not realize how the face is the showcase of our emotions, it gives real informations about our age, the state of health and personality.
The skin keeps on renegeraing itself and it is the main intermediary between the body and the outside world; taking care of it and understanding the specific needs, means help our mental and physical well-being.

To Make an instrumental analysis is therefore fundamental to understand the right lifestyle and which kind of products are to be used in order not to altering the skin’s pH but to mantain his natural balance, and be aware of our skin type and biotype.
In particular times, such as during changing seasons or at menopause, it’s really useful to have a skin exam, because the physiological decreas of sebum production changes the body needs.

Let’s see how is a check up skin, first of all is a not-invasive test that is performed  in a single session and in four successive phases:

  • a first phase consists on analyzing the lifestyle, the pathologies, the reactions to  the weather and especially to cosmetic practices.
  • The second one is  a visual examination of texture, of light reflection, of color and of the possible injuries
  • At this point a tactile assessment will analyze the smoothness, elasticity, plasticity, the hydrolipid film and the thickness.
  • In the end an instrumental investigation will discover the hydration degree, the skin temperature, the acidity, the content of sebum and roughness.

Thanks to the datas collected it’s now possible to found our skin conditions and possible corrections.
For the real perfect results our skin should be 12 hours free from cleaning and cosmetics.

I personally decidec to provide you a facial check-up  service in MV Cosmetiques offices in Milan just because I think it is an important and  basic method to approach body knowledge and prevention.
I will give you specific and focused  advices  through personalized strategies.

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