Blog: The diet for the skin

The balance and the beauty of our skin depend on eating habits, especially during the summer, they should be checked and improved, helping the body to better face the metabolic stress.
To feed properly the skin and support the physiological integration, priority must be given to fresh food and easy to digest, especially fruits and vegetables that help the photoprotection and act as antioxidants.

dieta estateBut how to choose the better help for the skin? Surely foods rich in carotene and vitamins: vitamin A protects and regenerates the skin, the C helps to rebuild collagen and E is a powerful antioxidant. All three are important to fighting the degenerative processes, to increasing the production of melanin, which is the pigment that gives the tan.

The foods rich of carotene are carrots, basil, chillies, peppers, arugula, parsley, tomatoes (which contain lycopene, an important element against free radicals), watermelon, melon, apricots, peaches. Also eggplants and blueberries are excellent antioxidants, rich in vitamin C.
Water is also an important ally for the skin during the summer: it should be consumed at least a liter and a half per day, preferably rich in calcium and low in minerals, especially for menopausal women, pregnant or breastfeeding women. Restrict the use of salt that causes water retention, replacing it with spices.
Should be avoided foods rich in fat, such as fried foods, and processed foods that contain a lot of animals fat, choosing white meat such as chicken, rabbit, turkey and fish.
As the philosopher Feuerbach said: “we are what we eat”, then take care of diet means to take care of ourselves and our skin, preventing aging.

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