Blog: The Lifting effect of collagen

Can the collagen reduce the appearance of wrinkles?

MascheraMany ignore the fabulous properties of native or pure collagen, used to placate burns and now fruitful also  in aesthetic medicine, because lenitive to  irritated skin and lifting effect for wrinkles.

How to use collagen mask in aesthetics?

The vello (or the mask) is composed of bio-compatible native collagen fibers that recall the main component connective skin tissue, since the first applications give a smoothing and firming effect to face.

The mask is compounded of pure collagen without preservatives and fragrances to ensure maximum tolerance.

This treatment can be done also at home as bath of natural beauty, gives to skin an immediate effect, regenerating and rediscovering the pleasure of freshness, brightness and firmness.

While using the product you can feel a pleasant facelift because the mask keeps water, giving an intense hydration.

This treatment is raccomanded after peeling,  dermabrasion and pulsed light for the remarkable soothing and anti-reddening effect.

The mask is also an excellent ally against aging skin.

All we can do is prove its efficacy, you’ll love it!

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