Blog: Come back from Holidays: how hydrate the skin

images-9After holidays the tan is starting to go away? You have to hydrate as much as possible your skin, favoring the maintenance of a homogeneous complexion and restoring brightness and elasticity.

How should you do without fail? I suggest you four rules:

The first rule is to moisturize

Even the skin is thirsty and infact it is important give to face and body a surplus of hydration, with effective creams that keep high concentrations of water and rich of vitamins C and E or ferulic acid, full of strong antioxidant properties.

For this reason I’ve created Timexpertise , a cream for dry and dehydrated skin  care with nutrient effects.

Second rule is “drink” from inside

In addition to drinking plenty of water and eat fruits and vegetables, that are rich of vitamins and minerals, I recommend you also to use the bean sprouts. They are rich of gammalinolineico acid and they are a natural supplement super-moisturizing.

Third rule is pay attention to cleaning

The bath could cause a loss of the surface skin, which inevitably reduces the tan. Do you prefer the shower, even several times a day, using oils based on wheat proteins that are detergents and moisturizers.

The normal showergel infact could be too aggressive for tanned skin.

Fourth rule is to exfoliate without fear

If your skin is rough means that abounds of dead cells and it is dehydrated. I recommend to use a light exfoliation once a week, without fear to remove the tan because you rub off only the surface cells, whet the renewal and the production of elastin and collagen. The skin will be much smoother and brighter, increasing your tan.

These are my tips to help you after the summer season.

Anyway the tan will go away, but the summer remind should stay with us longer.

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