Blog:The eye contour gel is an ally against the cold

pelle-freddoDuring the wintertime the skin requires more care and attention, especially if you pass most of the day outdoors.
Our body absorbs more moisture to protect internal organs, causing a rapid dehydration of the skin that looks dull and red, especially in sensitive areas such as around the eyes.
Also in winter the skin renew itself, but more slowly: according to a recent American study, the area around the eyes becomes older to five years.
I would like to give you some tips for keeping bright, elastic and moisturized your face:
1 – Avoid high temperature by bathrooms or showers, quickly lowering the “natural moisturizing factor” of the skin, which would be exposed to greater risks.
2: Cleanse your face with neutral and non-aggressive products, wiping in a delicate way with a soft towel, without rubbing.
3: Enrich the diet with vitamins and essential fatty acids: fruits, vegetables, lean meats, eggs, fish, whole grains, rice and cheese.
4: Nourish the skin deeply with a daily application of specific products in order to obtain an emollient protection.
The eye contour gel becomes an ally for the most delicate areas of our face,
against cold and wind.
For an effective and long lasting action I recommend the Eye Contour Gel, applying both morning and evening.
Don’t scare you for snowflakes and frost, but try to choose the right ally of your beauty!

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