MV Cosmetiques – a new exclusive brand for timeless beauty

A unique texture, valuable raw materials, extensive research on the most effective and innovative  active ingredients: this is how MV Cosmetiques is born. From an original idea of Milena and Cinzia Valentini, MV Cosmetiques is the new brand specializing in the concept of timeless beauty with its unique products and high technology components, that restore skin’s natural youth, contrasting all the external agents that cause aging.
Intuition and experience of cosmetologist Milena Valentini, have created a concept of unique products, designed for a dynamic and active woman, conscious protagonist of his time. The result of this totally Made in Italy research, are the high-performance products, designed to become a true “modern classic” of feminine beauty, new indispensable allies to a health and youthful skin. A perfect examples is the Time Expertise line and, brand new in the cosmetic world, TECHNOAGE®, dedicated to contrast technological aging caused by all those agents that cause electromagnetic radiation and that, by increasing the temperature, contribute to tissue damage. For this purpose, TECHNOAGE® brings into play the synergistic activity of two highly specific active ingredients of natural origin: PHYSAVIE which controls the temperature intradermal binding to collagen, protecting and repairing the damage caused by electromagnetic radiation, and the MELSCREEN AP with strong anti oxidant agents, which maintains the integrity and cell viability by protecting the skin from pollution and preventing damage caused by environmental factors. Two precious and unique products are part of TECHNOAGE®: the Anti Technological Aging Silky Serum with Filler Effect, an ally of perfect skin and that, in addition to anti-aging, gives a fresh face and perfectly prepares the skin to the makeup, and the Anti Technological Aging Cream that also contributes to optimal hydration throughout the day.
Moreover, the two lines are designed to give, to all women, high-tech professional treatments without forgetting the ethical commitment that distinguishes the modern scientific research, thanks to researches rigorously not tested on animals and fragrances designed for an extreme tolerance with the skin.
Discovering TECHNOAGE®, Time Expertise and all the remarkable properties of MV Cosmetiques exclusive products, in selected SPA and Pharmacies dealerships.

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