Body Dren


Draining food supplements

A great help from inside for the beauty outside
Body Dren is a dietary supplement made from Magnesium Citrate, which is the formulation of more magnesium absorbed by the body, and plant extracts such as Pilosella, Ash and Ortosiphon useful to facilitate the drainage of body fluids in excess. The supplement also contains Rusco, Red Vine and the Blueberry which assist the function of the microcirculation by counteracting the feeling of heaviness in the legs.
A draining supplement that fight the imperfections of the skin caused by excess fluid. Less swollen legs, a toned and healthy looking skin, and for greater efficiency it is advisable to combine Body Dren with MV * Cosmetic cream for cellulite.





How to use:

The recommended dose of 20 ml of product 1 time per day diluted in a liter of water to drink throughout the day.



Ingredients for 30 ml: Acqua, Magnesio Citrato (apporto di Magnesio 150 mg pari a 40% RDA), Pilosella (Hieracium pilosella L.) parti aeree 312,6 mg. Correttore di acidità: acido citrico. Rusco (Ruscus aculeatus L.) rizoma 208,4 mg, Frassino (Fraxinus excelsior L.) foglie 208,4 mg, Vite rossa (Vitis vinifera L.) foglie 156,3 mg, Ortosiphon (Ortosiphon stamineus Benth.) foglie 156,3 mg, Polyporus (Grifola umbellata Pers.) sporoforo estratto secco titolato al 30% in polisaccaridi 150 mg (apporto in polisaccaridi 45 mg). Salsapariglia (Smilax aspera L.) radice 104,1 mg, Mirtillo nero (Vacciunium myrtillus L.) foglie 104,1 mg. Preservatives: Potassio sorbato, Sodio benzoato. Flavor ananas. Edulcorante: Sucralosio.







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