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Innovative  cream  that  uses  Phosphatidylcholine  liposomes  as  vehicles  for  active  ingredients such  as:  L-Carnitine,  Caffeine,  Gotu  Kola,  Forskolin  that  can  activate  lipolysis  and  produce  the remodeling of the silhouette of the thigh and buttock.


Apply once a day a right amount of product on the affected areas and massage until absorbed. For best results we recommend the combination with the supplement Body Dren.

Active Ingredients:

Soya  Phospholipids  extracted  from  natural  (non-GMO)  useful  to  solubilize  the  excess  fats  and prevent  the  formation  of  new  cellulite  nodules.  Centella  Asiatica   improves  microcirculation and contrasts  strongly water  retention.  Caffeine  speeds up metabolism preventing an abnormal accumulation of adipose tissue.
Forskholina Indian plant with lipolytic activity. Prevents excessive storage of fat in adipose tissue favoring a physiological metabolism of the same.  L-Carnitine with lipolytic effectEscin  has anti-edematous proprieties increasing  the  tone and  the elasticity of  the venous  capillaries. Pineapple  it  contains  Bromelain  with  anti-inflammatory  and  anti-edematous propieties.


Aqua,  Ethylhexyl  Palmitate,  Caprylic/Capric  Triglyceride,  C12-15  Alkyl  Benzoate,  Cethyl Alchol,  Cetearyl  Alchol,  Propylene  glycol,  Polysorbate  60,  Glycerine,  Hydrogenated  Lecithin Phosphatidylcholine,  Ethoxydiglycol,  Coleus  Forskohilii,  Centella  Asiatica,  Phosolipidis,  Escin, b-Sitosterol,  Caffeine,  Ananas  Sativus,  TochopherylNicotinate,  Polysorbate  80,  Soy  Isoflavone Aglycone,  MethylLactate,  Peg20-  Stearate,  Allantoina,  Sorbitan  Stearate,  Dimethicone, Lechitina,Carbomer,  Sodium  Hydroxide,  Tetradibutyl  Pentaerithrythyl  Hydroxicinnamate, Phenoxyethanol,  Imidazolindynil  Urea,  Disodium  Edta,  Methylparaben,  Propylparaben, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, Alchohol, Foeniculum Vulgare, Limonene

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Anticellulite Cream

Anticellulite Cream


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