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The Cactus oil face treatment it’s a very strong natural anti-aging treatment. It has a non-greasy but easily absorbed texture that makes it suitable for all skin types. It Contains pure oil of cactus that has a strong moisturizing and nourishing proprierties. The oil is rich in Vitamin E and sterols which make this treatment a proof ally in protecting the skin from free radicals, stress and pollution. The oil is enriched with patchouli grapefruit and lavender essential elements that provide a pleasant fragrance, adding calming , relaxing and rebalancing effects this treatment regenerates and restores the skin,  reducing the normal aging process.
The daily use oh the oil makes the dehydrated skin more vital, soft and silky. 100% natural. No preservatives.

Recommendations for use

Apply after night cleansing gently massage a small amount to face and neck, until completely absorbed.


The cactus oil (or prickly pear’s oil) is a true Elixir of Beauty. It is an oil extracted from thetypical fruit of the Sicilian coast bathed by the  Mediterranean and Africa. It has a thousand years traditional use for its curative ,soothing, anti-inflammatory and healing properties.
In the past it was used for burns and wounds and to protect the skin from external aggressions such as the hot desert wind. The oil of cactus has a very special composition and contains:
■ Vitamin E with antioxidant and anti-free radical.
■ polyphenols with anti-aging, antiseptic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory Properties
■ sterols that help to slow aging by reducing inflammation and maintaining hydration.
■ Essential fatty acids are important for the structure of the skin and prevent skin aging.

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Cactus Oil

Cactus Oil


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