MV Fleece Collagen (Collagen mask)


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The fleece (mask) is composed by fibers of native collagen (100% pure collagen) that invokes the characteristics of the skin.
It was developed for special medical applications and was used successfully for the treatment of severe burns.
In aesthetic medicine and high professional cosmetics it founds  huge application for being :

■ an immediate calming for irritated skin
MV Fleece Collagen (Collagen mask) calms irritated skin and reduces redness quickly.; it also supports  regenerative capacity of the skin.

■ smoothing and firming
The thin lines and wrinkles are visible reduced. The skin becomes more uniform,softer  and smoother. It helps the skin.renewal process

■ gives intense hydration
The biomatrix of collagen has a high capacity to bind water. The fleece transfers hydration and gives the skin a fresh and radiant appearance.

Method of use depending on the objective, the application of MV FLEECE COLLAGEN (collagen mask) can be performed with the use of:

■ Special Activators
To hydrate the mask as water or thermal water.

■ Concentrate or serums
To apply under the mask as Serum hyaluronic acid (MV Cosmetiques).

■ Ultrasonic or galvanic current
To support the release and penetration of active ingredients




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MV Fleece Collagen (Collagen mask)

MV Fleece Collagen (Collagen mask)


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