Anti-technological aging cream


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Serum with silky texture that controls the skin aging process. It protects the skin from external environmental factors (electromagnetic radiation) and repairs the collagen due to the presence of an active ingredient of natural origin.

The daily use of this serum stimulates, stabilizes and protects the collagen and makes the skin younger and smoother. The refined texture makes it ideal as a base for makeup. A special ingredient allows the serum to give a filler effect (soft focus) in the presence of deep wrinkles and skin depressions. Particularly suitable for the area around the eyes and around the lips.

Instructions for use

Apply the product (small amount) on the areas to be treated by massaging gently. In the presence of deep wrinkles it can be used as filler effect ( soft focus) gently pat in the areas to be treated after the application of TECHNOAGE®anti-technological ageing cream.


Natural exctratct which protects and repairs collagen

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Anti-technological aging cream

Anti-technological aging cream


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