What is anti-technological aging

Technological ageing is ageing caused by anything that sends out electromagnetic radiations: mobile phones, computers, televisions, radios, etc. These objects cause the so-called electrosmog, i.e. pollution generated by electromagnetic waves that cause the temperature of biological tissues to rise, especially of those that are the richest in water such as skin. The latter, when exposed to radiation, is heated and reduces the proteins that bind to collagen, causing wrinkles and reducing skin elasticity.

How is do you protect and repair your skin from technological aging

In order to slow down technological ageing, the Timexpertise line of products uses a synergetic combination of two natural, highly-specific active ingredient: t5he first active ingredient  has a strong anti oxidant action and maintains the integrity and cell viability. It protects the skin from pollution and prevents damage caused by environmental factors. The other one controlS intradermal temperature and, by binding to collagen, protects and repairs it from the degradation caused by electromagnetic radiation. This active ingredient improves the general condition of skin, as demonstrated by in vivo tests after 5 days of using a fluid cream with 0.5% of this active.

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